Over A Month Away From Home

Hello everyone,

So after spending just over a month in California with some time to reflect I thought it would be a great time for a blog post. Now although I can’t fully express the changes I’ve made I’ll try my best. Within the first month I’ve gone through a whirlwind of emotions/feels mostly centered around the uncertainty of the future. Because of this I haven’t been fully present (at times) which has brought me back to the basics — focusing on the power of presence, the power of the NOW! When you focus on the current moment at hand you start to realize that nothing is really wrong. It’s only when you project yourself into an illusionary future where problems begin to arise. So based on my experience thus far, my best advice to those of you reading this is to focus on your current step in life. It may be hard, especially if you have anything exciting such as vacation coming up, but deal with that when it gets here. In that case you’ll have no expectations and there will be no room for disappointment . . . we’ve all been there after a vacation or big event.

If not you’ll always be living life for the future when life only ever happens right NOW, in the moment. Please do your future self a favor and don’t let these precious years (especially if you’re young) wither away . . . even if your life is not as exciting as you’d like it to be. Learn to appreciate the little things life has to offer.

Much love!


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