What is Lean Bulking?

What is lean bulking?
Lean bulking is essentially gaining weight at a very slow pace in order to make muscle gains while keeping your fat gains minimal. Someone who was lean bulking would typically eat anywhere from 100-500 calories over their maintenance level calories. But this would depend on the person. I always recommend starting on the lower end maybe 200-300 and going from there. Meaning if you’re gaining too quickly you can slightly lower your calories. Or if you’re gaining too slowly you can slightly increase your calories.

Why should you do this instead of normal bulking or “dirty bulking”?
I would recommend this to someone over doing a regular bulk or dirty bulk because in my opinion it is more optimal in the long run. When you gain a lot of weight on a bulk, specifically when you gain fat, it takes a long time to cut that fat away, and in the process you lose a lot of muscle mass. If you do a lean bulk – your cuts will be much more minimal (you’ll thank me later) and in my opinion (and in the opinion of many experts) you will put on more muscle in the span of a bulk because you won’t have to cut as much fat away. Besides if you have to get ready for a vacation, wedding, bodybuilding show or powerlifting meet you will be able to get ready very quickly without any notice. By quickly I mean anywhere from a few weeks to maybe two months. Again you will thank me later!

How long should you bulk for?
I would recommend someone to bulk for at least eight months and if you’re really looking to put on size I would even recommend going for 1-2 years before you do a cut. If you lean bulk you could easily bulk for a year or two without even needing to cut. But once you become uncomfortable with the amount of fat on your body, (be patient with this) that is when you should begin your cut. I will be doing a bulking and cutting video on YouTube very soon!

My current calorie intake on my lean bulk is roughly 3.4k calories per day. I will stick with this calorie amount for a bit and see how my body adjusts. As of right now I see myself getting fuller and feeling healthier. I haven’t bulked in over a year so the surplus in calories is doing me well. I will be bulking from 180ish to 185 for the time being. When that time comes I will probably decide to go up to 190. Like I mentioned on Instragram – I will still be doing cardio on my bulk and I will be doing this for general health purposes more than anything. I will keep you guys updated here or you can also check my Instagram (@mattbetz.jpg) for the most recent updates. If you have any questions be sure to email me (m@mattbetz.com). I can answer anymore questions you have on lean bulking and nutrition in general.

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