Barriers to Overcoming Fitness Challenges

Sticking to a regular exercise schedule is never an easy task, even for a personal trainer like myself. There are plenty of potential obstacles along the way – time, boredom, injuries, self-confidence. But these issues don’t need to stand in your way any longer!

I do not have enough time to exercise

Setting aside time to exercise can be a challenge. Use some creativity to get the most out of your time!

Squeeze in short walks throughout the day
Get up earlier
Drive less, walk more
Revamp your routine, especially on the weekend

I think exercise is boring

It’s natural to grow weary of a repetitive workout routine, especially when you’re doing it solo. But exercise doesn’t have to be boring!

Choose activities you enjoy
Vary the routine
Join forces with a friend or group
Explore new options

I am self-conscious about how I look

Don’t get down on yourself! Remind yourself you’re improving your health and well-being, or focus on how much stronger you feel after every workout!

Avoid the crowd and go solo at first if you must
Focus on the future and praise yourself for every improvement

I am too tired to exercise after a long day of work

No energy to exercise? Without exercise, you’ll have no energy. It’s a vicious cycle. But breaking the cycle with physical activity is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Exercise can help improve your sleep quality and your energy levels!

Try a morning dose of exercise
Make lunchtime count by taking a brisk walk
Be prepared by having exercise clothes with you at all times

I am too lazy to exercise

If the thought of a morning walk or jog makes you tired, consider several ideas to get moving!

Set realistic expectations
Work with your nature, not against it by planning exercise at times where you are more energetic
Schedule exercise as you would schedule an important appointment

I am not the athletic type

Natural athletic ability isn’t necessary in physical activity. Even if you’ve been inactive for some time, it’s never too late to get more active!

Keep it simple
Find a friend and choose an activity such as dancing
Forget the competition and focus on your individual progress

I have tried to exercise in the past and failed

Don’t give up, this is very common. Re-evaluate what went wrong in the past, and learn from your mistakes. Although you can’t see when you reduce your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease, you can make a positive impact in your health through regular exercise!

Pace yourself
Set realistic goals
Remember WHY you’re exercising in the first place

I cannot afford a gym membership

You don’t need a membership at an elite gym to get a great workout. Consider the many alternatives!

Do strengthening exercises at home such as pushups and squats
Start a walking group
Take the stairs more often
Try your local community center

I am afraid I will hurt myself if I exercise

If you’re nervous about injuring yourself, start off slowly and ease your way into things!

Take it slowly and start with a simple routine
Try an exercise class for beginners
Get professional help from a certified expert

My family does not support my goals

Remind those close to you of the benefits of regular exercise, and then bring them along for the ride if you can!

Get moving with your kids and sign up for a parent-child exercise class
Propose a new adventure like bicycling with the whole family

If necessary, have a talk with your loved ones. If they don’t share your fitness ambitions, ask them to at least respect your desire to get fit and healthy!

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