Lean Bulk vs Dirty Bulk

Lean Bulk +
Not having to eat as much
Less money spent on food
Can stay relatively lean all year
Very short/easy cutting phase
Roughly the same (if not more) muscle gains in the long run

Lean Bulk –
Not gaining as much overall weight
Tracking practically everything you eat (MyFitnessPal)

Dirty Bulk +
Can eat anything you want
A lot of strength gains

Dirty Bulk –
More money spent on food
Excess fat gains
Cutting phase will be much longer
A lot of muscle will be lost during cutting phase

After trying both approaches it’s my personal opinion that lean bulking is the better option for most people. The only exception is if you’re new to the gym and have a lot of weight to gain (ectomorphs). The more years of experience you have the clearer lean bulking becomes the better option.

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