Should You Wash Your Gym Clothes After Every Workout?

For many of us working out can be a tedious task, and so can doing your laundry. How many of you use the same clothes workout after workout without washing them? I’m guilty of this myself at times but just because your clothes don’t smell like shit doesn’t mean they’re alright to workout in again.

A moist environment, like your sports bra or yoga pants/joggers are a perfect breeding ground for germs. The darkness and moistness means that germs have perfect nooks for various infections and bacteria.

Gyms are usually germ factories where you can pick up all sorts of infections from staph to MRSA through sharing equipment. Add dirty clothes into the equation and you’re asking for a problem. If you have skin problems like dry skin or eczema, the problems can only multiply.

There are some exceptions to this. Some fabrics attract more germs than others, such as spandex and polyester, while fabrics like cotton tend to dry out faster and collect less germs. If you sweat a lot or do high-intensity workouts on the regular, then you should definitely be washing your clothes as often as possible, especially if they’re tight-fitting. But if you like to take it easy, then you can probably get away with wearing them more than once before washing them.

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