My Thoughts on Bodyweight Exercises

It’s not hard to see why no-equipment workouts are so popular at the moment.

They’re relatively easy to learn, they can be modified to suit any skill level, and they can be done almost anywhere. Body weight exercises are an efficient way to get fit for free. Pushups and pull-ups are classic bodyweight moves, but there are plenty more to choose from, like squats, lunges, planks, etc.

With that being said, I believe you should only do workouts consisting of all bodyweight movements if you’re either a beginner, can’t afford a gym membership, or don’t have the time (which is a lame excuse).

Don’t get me wrong, bodyweight exercises are better than doing nothing at all, but they still can’t compare to resistance training at a gym! You’ll see much better results in a shorter period of time if you invest in a gym membership. And this is why I say not having enough time is a lame excuse.

You’ll be spending a lot more time working out with bodyweight exercises, especially when you get into the intermediate level. Eventually you’ll have to do so many sets and reps to progress that it’ll no longer be practical to workout like that.

This is why I suggest starting out with a gym membership from the beginning, unless of course you’re still intimidated by the gym, in which case bodyweight exercises can be a great way to start off!

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