How Often I Train Legs

Back when I started lifting (again) over three years ago I thought training legs twice a week was optimal. Most of the people I knew were training legs once a week and I thought I was a badass for training them twice a week lol.

Now I hit legs four days a week. The difference is I only do 1-2 leg exercises each workout, whereas before I would do 5-6 leg exercises each workout. The overall volume is about the same as before but the frequency has basically doubled. Essentially more opportunity for muscle growth and recovery time because I’m only training four days a week now.

The other thing that has changed has been focusing less on isolation exercises. This goes for my upper-body as well. Most of my leg exercises (aside from a few accessories and hip thrusts) involve a variation of the squat.

Hip thrusts are an amazing exercise I’ve recently added into my programming and are something I wish I started doing a while ago. They aren’t a common exercise amongst men and I think they should be. They will aid in bringing up your deadlift and squat, and tell me what serious lifter wouldn’t want that?!

Another thing that has helped my measly calves grow has ironically been training them less often. My calves have always been lagging so I used to train them nearly every workout to compensate, but they barely ever budged. So I switched up my approach to only hit calf raises once a week for heavy sets of 5-8 reps. Please remember, it’s crucial on calf raises to control the weight throughout. If you’re bouncing around you’re probably not accomplishing much.

Well that’s pretty much it, comment below if you have any questions 🙂

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