What is Overtraining Syndrome?

If you’re in the fitness realm I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘overtraining’ many times before, but what is it exactly?

Overtraining syndrome is a condition that occurs when the body is pushed beyond it’s natural ability to recover. It shouldn’t be confused with tiredness though, which is to be expected when you are engaged in a comprehensive workout routine.

Mild overtraining syndrome is basically the same thing as having the flu. You feel rundown, and getting out of bed in the morning can be a struggle. In some cases, when the body’s requests for recovery continues to be ignored, long term neurological, hormonal and muscular symptoms could occur.

The balance between training hard and resting is going to be a constant juggling act for you. It takes some time to get to know your body and what it’s capable of. Plus everyone’s body is different. So a workout program that works well for you won’t necessarily work for somebody else.

Once you learn to identify the signs of overtraining you’ll be able to methodically cut back your training volume/weight in order to recover and come back better than ever!

Here are the top five signs (in no particular order) to look out for:
1. Elevated Resting Heart Rate
2. Insomnia
3. Emotional Changes
4. Extreme Muscular Soreness
5. Poor Performance

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