Back up to 185 Pounds!

I’m finally back up to 185 pounds! After being sick in January I was down to something as low as 170 pounds, which was the lightest I’ve been in years.

The combination of getting a coach with a strict workout regime and eating more calories/protein did the trick. Also, creatine helped me add a few pounds (read my last post on benefits of creatine).

Not very complicated at all. No tracking calories like I did obsessively in the past (not yet at least). No working out 6-7 days a week like I also did in the past. In fact, I’m only doing four full-body workouts a week and am feeling more athletic than I have in years.

Looking to get up to 190-195 before cutting. That’s when I’ll start tracking calories again and adding more cardio in. The key is to bulk up to a weight where you’re not too fat, but also not too skinny. This is the time where you’ll make a majority of your muscle gains. Once you’re at a level your uncomfortable with then you should cut and work on your body composition, without of course, losing too much muscle mass in the process.

There isn’t a certain amount of weight you should cut necessarily, but if you’re not competing there’s no sense in getting below 8% if you’re a male, and probably 12% if you’re a female. That’s just a guess though because females hold fat differently than males. That number could be up to 15% or more.

It’s going to be different for everyone so don’t worry about it. In my opinion your health and strength should take precedence over your body fat percentage 🙂

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