Why Your Carry-On Should be the only Luggage You Bring on Your Next Trip

What’s so great about using a carry-on bag?
You can’t pack everything you want, but you can pack everything you need. My last trip to California is proof of this: I used a small backpack on a 14-day trip out West. I had to purchase a hoodie while I was there (to go up to the Eastern Sierra’s where it was snowing :)), but besides that I flipped between the same 4-5 outfits for the entire two weeks. Obviously in this scenario you will need a washer/dryer to make sure you don’t smell like complete shit lol.

It’s oftentimes FREE: Most airlines don’t charge for carry-on bags, while most do charge for checked bags – up to $40+ each way. I spent not much more than that ($50) for my flight from Chicago to LA!

You get in and out of the airport early: Using a carry-on bag means you don’t have to wait in line when you arrive at the airport to get the bag checked, plus you don’t have to hang around the baggage claim once you land!

You can’t lose your bag: The bag that travels by your side is the bag that cannot get lost or stolen. While it is true that airlines rarely lose a bag for very long, but who wants to start a vacation with that problem hanging over them?!

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