On a lark I hired Matt as a trainer at my local gym and immediately I knew I’d found a good one. He helped raise my awareness of fitness and provided helpful tips for strength training that seemed to work better than what I’d been taught in the past. He helped cut through the myths and “bro science” that pervade the industry, and recommended books on fitness and nutrition based on actual science rather than trainer hype. He worked with me to set challenging but achievable fitness goals. Now, a year later when in the gym I still utilize the techniques he taught me. I’m forever grateful for what I’ve learned and the influence he’s had on my fitness awareness.

-John S, Costa Mesa, CA

Matt has been a positive influence in improving my strength and self-confidence. I started working with Matt about a year ago. He designed a program for me and walked me through each exercise, focusing on proper form. He was strategic to ensure maximum results while working to prevent injury. Being 32 and really never in the weight room it could be an intimidating environment, Matt made sure my program made me comfortable. We also scheduled training sessions that gave me additional programs and exercises. I have seen significant gains and can thank Matt for giving me the knowledge to make positive progress.

-Mike J, Paddock Lake, WI

Matt has been a great trainer and has taught me how to lift correctly and was always there when I needed him. I didn’t know what do to for proper lifts or how to correctly do it and Matt was friendly enough that I could ask him anything about the exercise and he would supply me with a detailed answer that helped me. He is a big inspiration and a great person to know in the gym, he is always there for you. He always tries his best to help everyone in the gym get results and his attitude is spot on.

-Adam P, Twin Lakes, WI

In late November when I decided to give the gym another shot (having previously tried to give health and fitness a go and failing) I reached out to Matt – hearing a thing or two about his fitness journey from a mutual friend. At first it was simply for guidance in the gym, making sure I had a smart routine, and for knowing the essentials when it came to fitness. He set me off on the right track. He was always there for encouragement. If I was in a bad place mentally he would get me back on track. Now (about 6 months later) with his guidance I’ve accomplished things I never thought I would have both mentally and physically. 10/10 would recommend anybody to Matt that’s looking to hit the gym and live a healthier lifestyle. He’s a very humble dude that won’t let you down. This is a long journey and it’s always nice to have somebody like him by your side cheering for you.

-Josh M, Madison, WI

Without a doubt Matt Betz is one of the biggest positive influences in my life. Matt has been one of my best friends since we went to grade school together, and since then he’s been a mentor to me as I have grown up. Matt has provided me with both life advice and gym advice, and is one of the reasons I’m working out right now. He created a workout program for me that was curtailed to my lifestyle and allowed me to easily get accustomed to the gym life. Under the guidance of Matt I have been able to grow exponentially both physically and mentally. People who come into contact with Matt are lucky to have someone full of life and fitness knowledge, and will greatly benefit from having him as a contact and friend.

-Connor N, Boulder, CO

Matt is a really hard working and dedicated individual who puts in so much work not only into himself but also into helping and supporting others on their own goals and fitness aspirations. Ask Matt anything and he’ll not only help you but he’ll support you and check up on you not only as a client, but as a friend. Matt is generally a hard worker who strives to incorporate not only the fitness side of the spectrum but also the mental side as well. The best part about this dude is he does not just do it for the money but he does it to help people, those who need it and those who want to start. He also always admits that he has a long way to go himself, but freely inspires to still help others do whatever it is they’re determined to do. I remember when I racked up the courage to ask him a bunch of fitness questions, dude not only answered them but continued to check up on me and give me more and more advice just because that’s the type of trainer he is. His videos on Instagram and on his own personal website are brilliant, and insightful and really help stretch the range of information and personal goal setting in a very appeasing way. If you need help ASK MATT, he’ll help you grow. Grateful now and always for everything this dude has done for me. You won’t be disappointed when you have Matt standing in your corner.

-Devon L, Los Angeles, CA

Starting my workout journey was a huge challenge. I’ve never been a heavy girl, but I started to gain weight and got extremely self conscious about my body. I was never fat, but chubby in areas that I found myself wanting to tone up. I’ve always been pretty naturally athletic, so I decided to sign up at local gym. I quickly realized I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or how to workout properly and that I needed help! I’ve known Matt for a very long time, and decided to ask him for help. I was extremely nervous and intimidated to express my insecurities with someone new, but I can honestly say I’ve never been more comfortable working out with a guy than I was with Matt. Although we were friends, he was beyond professional and supportive during our workouts. He refused to take money from a friend and strongly believes in the karma of helping others. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to change their lifestyle. His guides are easy to understand and all around strong programs, even for beginners like me. He walked me through the programs, exercise by exercise (for free) teaching me how to use the proper form! He even took it beyond the gym, and continuously checked in with me just to see how I was doing and continuing to motivate me. After a couple months of hard work, I lost 9 pounds and found myself getting all around more toned, but he helped me more than just physically. He helped me mentally too. I am so much more confident with myself now! I am even more confident in the gym! I’m not scared to be the only girl lifting weights in a gym in front of a bunch of guys! We are all there with the same purpose… Matt is great at what he does, and is fully capable of changing and improving your life.

-Kasey G, Kenosha, WI